Zoning Information:

Bath Township Zoning Resolution 

For all information, including zoning permits please contact Mr. Jim Miller, Zoning Inspector at 937-878-0611.

Our zoning board members are Mr. Marc Smith, Mr. David Duell, Mr. Bob Adams, Mr. John Heins, and Ms. Robin Joseph. The board meets once a month to evaluate current zoning resolutions, make necessary changes, and present those changes to the Township Trustees. If you are interested in becoming a part of this board, please contact the Township office.

Our zoning board of appeals members are Mrs. Clarinda Smith, Mr. Ken Schroeder, Mrs. Karen Hawk, Mr. Michael Uecker, and Mr. Jim Heider. The board meets as necessary to attempt to resolve zoning problems. If you are interested in becoming a part of this board, please contact the Township office.

The Bath Township Zoning Clerk is Mrs. Teresa Phillips.
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Building/Buying Info

What to Do Before You Buy or Build…

Perhaps the most important item to consider prior to construction has to do with water. How do you get it…AND…how do you get rid of it? Clearly, if water is not available on the property, its usage may be severely limited. Similarly, if rain water pools on the property, perhaps to the point of consistent flooding…a catfish farm may be your only option!

An exhaustive checklist would include soil and sewage analysis looking for bedrock depth, internal water movement, a look into availability of public water systems and interviews with neighbors.

The good news is that help is available by contacting the Greene Soil and Water Conservation folks. They are available for many free services, most helpful to prospective buyers/builders due to their long-standing relationship with Bath Township. Give them a call.

  1. Soil and Water Conservation District: 937-372-4478 or visit their website http://www.co.greene.oh.us/soils.htm

    Regulations, zoning requirements and local assessments should be your next step, for a number of reasons. Local zoning may dictate the building you are contemplating while Restrictive Covenants in your subdivision may add to that definition. Taxes: forehand knowledge of the tax structure might be handy. Other questions to consider: Are there existing underground utilities? Are home-operated businesses permitted? And that may be just the tip of the iceberg. A few more telephone calls are in order to cover these bases…

  2. Jim Miller, Bath Township Zoning Inspector: 937-878-0611

  3. Ohio Utilities Protection Service (before you dig…even for a tree) to determine the location of underground utilities: 800-362-2764

  4. Regional Planning: 937-562-7480

    Finally, natural features, community features and drainage characteristics may impact your construction plans. Are there natural gas, telephone and cable TV connections available in the area? How far is the fire station? Do you need to obtain a drainage easement? Are there livestock operations nearby? A couple more calls will get you headed in the right direction.

  5. Greene County Engineer’s Office: 937-562-7500

  6. Combined Health District: 937-374-5606


Many of the duties/responsibilities of these agencies have a cross-over effect. As an example, water is co-managed by Soil & Water, Greene County Engineering and the Health Department. Yet each is unique in their provided services. Contacting each of them will be of value during the earliest stages of your planning process.

Our point with this web page is not to be exhaustive; but rather to get people thinking and headed in the right direction with at least a thumbnail sketch of what is involved when you want to buy or build.

Certainly other resources exist. We would encourage you to follow this link to the Greene County local website: http://www.co.greene.oh.us where document searches are available, property information and numerous other services. Finally, feel free to call the Bath Township Office if you believe we can be of further assistance.

Thank you for your interest in Bath Township!

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